All magnets can be OEM & ODM

•Customized Various Sizes,Specializing in Special-Shaped Magnets

•Customized Grade (M, H, SH, UH, EH, AH)

•Customized Mini Tolerance (+ / - 0.01mm), Plating, etc

  • m1

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Hesheng Magnet Group——Permanent Magnet Application Field Expert, Itelligent Manufacturing Technology Leader! Established in 2003, Hesheng Magnetics is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the production of neodymium rare earth permanent magnets in China. We have a complete industrial chain from raw materials to finished products.Through continuous investment in R&D capabilities and advanced production equipment, we have become the leader in the application and intelligent manufacturing of neodymium permanent magnets field after 20 years development,and  we have formed our unique and advantageous products in terms of super sizes, special shapes, and magnetic tools.


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